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Providing a party to a marriage has one of the following grounds they can petition for Divorce.
Getting a divorce in England and Wales has been greatly simplified since the Divorce Act of 1969
When selecting a Divorce Lawyer we advise that more than any other factor you need to look for experience.
Unless both parties are fully agreed on a settlement we always strongly advise anybody contemplating a Divorce.
If you have been assaulted you may press criminal charges. You should telephone the Police and an Officer should attend to take details.
Living together in English Law bestows no rights similar to those of married couples.


Welcome to UK Divorce Lawyers a website designed to help you through the Divorce process and to ensure that you get the best legal advice available, during what can be a very traumatic time. Although it is a relatively simple process to deal with the Divorce yourself, we strongly advise against this, as it is essential that you are made fully aware of your rights. Failure to deal with all issues could have long term consequences that could result in one party going back to the Courts in the future. We therefore advise all visitors to this site to seek expert legal advice as early as possible. An experienced Divorce lawyer will be able to guide you through the whole process, and ensure that all your rights are fully protected. You will also have the added advantage of having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are receiving the best legal advice available.

Our nationwide Directory of divorce lawyers shows profiles and photographs of divorce lawyers in your area, enabling you to select the lawyer that you feel best suits your requirements. You will be able to establish that they have the level of competence and experience that will be required in your particular case. Many profiled Lawyers offer free email advice and should your circumstances be such that you cannot afford the services of a lawyer, many profiled lawyers are able to offer legal aid.

All profiled Lawyers are highly recommended, and have the necessary proven ability and experience to advise you on all aspects of your divorce.

Other features on the site will enable you to revert back to your maiden name or simply change your name and help you to make a Will which is very important when going through a Divorce.


If you need an answer to a question about Divorce and are unable to find it on the site you can email us at and we will try to assist you.

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The Divorce process can be very traumatic it is this sites aim to fully explain the divorce process in simple terms and to explain the best way to deal with it. Please email us if you feel that the site can be improved in anyway at


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